Tamar Field

Mubadala Energy has an 11% participating interest in the Tamar and Dalit leases, which include the world-class Tamar Gas Field offshore Israel.

The Tamar field was discovered in 2009 and is located c. 90 km west of Haifa, offshore Israel, in a water depth of c. 1,700 meters. Production from Tamar commenced in 2013, supplying natural gas predominantly to Israel local market, with additional volumes exported to Egypt and Jordan. The natural gas is currently extracted through five production wells and flows through two c.140 km pipelines to the primary and main processing facility on the Tamar Platform where most of the gas processing takes place. The natural gas is then transmitted from the platform through a pipeline to the onshore terminal in Ashdod, and into the Israeli market through the INGL national gas pipeline, with a proportion being further exported to Egypt and Jordan.

With an annual capacity of 11 BCM, this high quality and strategic asset contains around c. 300 BCM (10.48 TCF) of remaining gas reserves, producing “dry and sweet” gas which requires little processing before supply to consumers.